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    Our company has always adhered to the "only is the use of Germany, only reuse, integrity is gold" principle of employment. If you have enough ability, welcome to join us! Let us work together to achieve common goals and usher in a better future!


    Please email 309924775@qq.com for the following positions

    Please indicate in your resume:

    1. The position you are applying for

    2. Your current or expected salary range

    Please state in the subject line of your email: name of applicant -- department -- position applied

    10 marketing and sales managers


    1. Develop new customers and maintain old merchants, and establish stable regional merchant relations with merchants;

    2. Understand and make personalized marketing plans according to the requirements of merchants, negotiate with merchants and reach cooperation;

    3. Implemented the company's marketing strategies and policies to achieve performance goals

    Post requirements

    1. College degree or above, at least one year of sales experience, no limitation for the industry, experience in catering, face-to-face sales, O2O industry is preferred;

    2. Have affinity, strong interpersonal communication skills and logical thinking ability;

    3. Strong ability to work under pressure, independently responsible for the sales and promotion of a region;


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